Monday 2 March 2015

TVfilthyfrank - #1 Filthy Frank

My first blog on the topic of youtubers would have to begin with a youtuber with multiple characters, personalities and voices. Yes I am talking about TVfilthyfrank.
From a smoker voiced college student with the burning rage to destroy Japanese TV shows (anime) to an all black wearing, god like creature who demands sacrifices of teenagers fedora collections, this show will make you laugh, cry and make you wonder what you are doing with your life.
The brains behind this disgusting collection of contiguously wonderful videos is no other than the half Japanese, half Australian George Miller. Not much is actually known about his personal life other than he does not care about making a fool of himself in public and stares into a camera lens for most of his free time.
All his efforts do actually pay off when you see that he has over one million subscribers when you combine both his official youtube channels.
I am only covering his main character today who is the face of his channel. Not everyone is interested in a highly immature and offensive college kid    screaming into a camera about everything under the sun that slightly irritates him but with remarkably good video editing skills and a hilariously twisted sense of humor, he seems to pull anyone into his vortex of entertaining disasterpieces.

Unfortunately, Franks videos would be considered too vulgar and down right filthy to share on a blog so the challenge for me is to find his most PG friendly videos to share.
 I'm sure you can look up his other videos on your own time all you want in your own time. (God help you..)
My favorite Filthy Frank video that I have come across so far in binges of pure boredom and stupidity on the everlasting plain of procrastination that is Youtube would have to be Harry Styles prank call.

Watch here:

The first time I watch this, I could NOT stop laughing. Its just his ability to change voices so easily and  his level of control while talking to the random fangirl on the phone is what makes this video absolutely fantastic.

TVfilthyfrank is growing in popularity by the day and will probably go as high as popular Youtube sensations such as Pewdiepie and Smosh *gags.*

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